github symfony/webpack-encore v0.31.0
Bump of various dependency version

Hi Webpackers!

This is a small release that bumps a few dependencies.

To upgrade:

1) Update your package.json file: set the @symfony/webpack-encore version to ^0.31.0.

2) Run yarn upgrade!

Changes: v0.30.2..v0.31.0



  • [DEPENDENCY UPGRADE] assets-webpack-plugin was updated from ^3.9.7
    to ^5.1.1, which should not affect most users.

  • [DEPENDENCY UPGRADE] less-loader was updated from ^4.1.0
    to ^6.2.0. This will likely not affect you unless you're passing
    certain custom options in enableLessLoader(): CHANGELOG

  • [DEPENDENCY UPGRADE] sass-loader was updated from ^8.0.0
    to ^9.0.1, which has some options-related changes: CHANGELOG

one month ago