github superfly/flyctl v0.1.9

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17 days ago

9c37051 Silence linter about ignored err from Close
ae11cdf fly proxy: fix FD leak
38643ce Respsect '--vm-*' deploy flags when sizing release machine
1343a6b If a Rails Dockerfile has a VOLUME command in it, add a volume to fly.toml
7e18fb1 Fail earlier if running a machine with an empty image path
99d6765 change error to say app instead of app_name
3940c57 Do not override machine image on fly m update
4274849 Pass context with config to 'wireguard reset'
3282b29 Pass the token to the agent as env var
9482c0d Respect '--token' flag when talking to flaps/nats
dcb2fbd Better no-machines error for machines with --select
9c78b74 account for micro vm with 128mb of memory, default to 256mb
cdd1898 Remove unnecessary API calls.
bdb3ab5 Use appCompact as source of truth for platform version.
1b60430 Add upgrade encouragement to apps restart and secrets set.
f869c67 Add migration nag/encouragement to fly status.
ad46f9d Extract migration encouragement into function and possibly improve command suggestion.
fbc30c0 Handle f.Close()'s error by calling f.Sync() before
3bbb77c fly sftp get /path/to/base.txt should create base.txt locally

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