github superfly/flyctl v0.1.8

latest releases: v0.1.26, v0.1.25, v0.1.24...
18 days ago

0437ec1 Restore and ship while we work out the more complete version
7573614 Fix some bugs
e6b6950 Allow settings specific memory size and number of cpus in deploys
31a5e2c Fix 'flyctl turboku' command
191c6f4 "one" -> "a" since we might create a second machine
49f023d Show correct machine counts in process group warning
0587dae Don't say "process groups have changed" on first deploy
8f30802 Remove use of deprecated DisableMachineAutostart field
7b3360a win: use named pipes for agent <-> flyctl comms on older Windows
f4e38fe enable HAR tracing for api package
7912625 expose api.SetTransport func
9d3a360 use httptracing transport
0fbdd1f add httptracing package

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