github superfly/flyctl v0.1.7

latest releases: v0.1.20, v0.1.19, v0.1.18...
10 days ago

64d2a1f Respect experimental entrypoint on release commands
067d678 nit: r/costs/cost
55f7dad Set config.Autostart explicitly
c4a1c6e check image details for tag or digest
4465639 Do not touch machine's DNSConfig if there is nothing to set
ec5d005 Cleanup
1931fe8 Enable autostart for pg services when scale to zero
cb182df Better error messages when fly pg failover can't find a leader
e0c91aa Last second tidying
48bdf78 Better checks for if failover will run successfully
48b2e6b Handle PG Failover Failure Better
7549041 Linter
38330bd Added a test for PG flex
2d8de2e Added manual PG failover for PG Flex

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