github stylemessiah/GPay-SQLite-Fix 2.6
GPay SQLite Fix v2.6

latest release: 2.8
14 months ago
  • Change module ID to match repo for submission to Alt Magisk Repo - i never bothered trying more than once to get it on the official repo, due to personalities, hopefully the Alt Repo team has less people with umm "personality defects". As im no longer posting on XDA ("personality defects" and "over-moderation"), i thought i might as well submit it to the Alt Repo. Ideally most people wont need to use it, but it does seem to solve issues for soem edge cases.

(Note: Thanks as ALWAYS to didgeridoohan who always wondered why it wasnt on there and helped in its evolution) - we have over 36,000 installs without it ever having been on a repo, mostly word of mouth, the occasional link the GPay thread on XDA, or my signature on XDA

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