github stripe/stripe-terminal-ios v2.6.0

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2 years ago
  • Adds support for using SimulatedCard with simulated Internet readers. Note the SimulatedCard is still not supported when performing a card-present refund with a simulated Internet reader.
  • Simulated Bluetooth Proximity discovery will now return a simulated Stripe Reader M2 device instead of a BBPOS Chipper 2X BT.
  • Addressses Issue #133: Fixes a bug where connecting to an internet reader then calling cancel() on the discovery cancelable would cause the SCPTerminal singleton to not reset state properly if that connection fails. As a result, the SCPTerminal singleton would prevent you from restarting discovery.
  • Adds CollectConfiguration object to provide an option to skip tipping during collectPaymentMethod. See Collect on-reader tips for details. Note that on-reader tips is in beta.

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