github stripe/stripe-terminal-ios v2.3.0

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2 years ago
  • Update: WisePad 3 processing timeout increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Update: Added a simulated Stripe M2 device during simulated Bluetooth scan discovery.
  • Bug fix: Fixed SCPSimulateReaderUpdateLowBattery so it more closely matches a real update and announces didStartInstallingUpdate and didFinishInstallingUpdate.
  • Issue #115: Fixed requests to cancel collectPaymentMethod with a WisePad 3 during application, PIN, or account selection now cancel immediately.
  • Issue #104: Fixed missing call to didUpdateDiscoveredReaders: with an empty array if the last Bluetooth reader was turned off or goes out of range.
  • Issue #114: Fixed possible missing calls to didReportReaderEvent: when removing a card during collectPaymentMethod.
  • Updated internal dependencies.

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