github stripe/stripe-terminal-ios v2.21.0

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11 months ago
  • Built with Xcode 14.1, Swift version 5.7.1.
  • Fixes a bug where collectPaymentMethod could have failed with "Transaction is cancelled by the user" shortly after calling collectPaymentMethod.
  • Reduces the latency of subsequent attempts to connect to an Apple Built-In reader.
  • Fixes a crash if the discoverReaders cancelable was canceled in didUpdateDiscoveredReaders after connectReader failed connecting to the reader.
  • Added a new simulated test card .visaUsCommonDebit SCPSimulatedCardType.
  • Fixes a bug where processPayment could result in an error stating "This PaymentIntent could not be updated because it has a status of succeeded" on slow networks.
  • Fixes a crash if the reader disconnects during the /confirm API request as part of processPayment.

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