github stripe/stripe-terminal-ios v2.12.0

latest releases: 3.6.0, 3.5.0, 3.4.0...
21 months ago
  • Bug fix: Attempting to connect to a smart reader after an unexpected disconnect no longer errors with "The Stripe Terminal ConnectionToken has already been redeemed".
  • Added support for new currency: Czech koruna ( CZK ) in the Example Terminal app.
  • Added better handling for intermittent network connectivity during payment confirmation.
  • Fixes Issue #166: Removed asserts for missing Info.plist keys if running in a test environment.
  • Bug fix: platform_api_key_expired API errors now get reported as SCPErrorSessionExpired instead of SCPErrorStripeAPIError.
  • Increased the collectPaymentMethod timeout from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • WisePad 3 only: Increased account type selection timeout from 60 seconds to 90 seconds to match application selection timeout of 90 seconds.

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