github stripe/stripe-terminal-ios v2.1.0

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2 years ago
  • Added SCPSimulateReaderUpdateLowBattery which can be used to simulate an update that fails due to a reader's low battery level.
  • Added setupFutureUsage to SCPPaymentIntentParameters.
  • Invite only: Added support for SetupIntents with the WisePos E, Chipper 2X BT, and Stripe Reader M2 (SetupIntents was previously only supported with the WisePad 3).
  • Updated example app to show both Read Reusable Card and Create Setup Intent (beta) workflows.
  • Updated example app with more currencies in the payment flow and more countries when creating locations from the app.
  • Bug fix: Calling discoverReaders via .bluetoothScan early in application startup should now always discover nearby readers fixing a bug where the discover call may not return the nearby readers.
  • Bug fix: Calling processPayment after the WisePad 3 has timed out now correctly returns a declined error instead of UnexpectedSDKError.
  • Bug fix: When connecting to a simulated Bluetooth reader and simulating a required update, canceling the update now correctly restarts the simulated discovery process and re-discovers simulated readers.
  • Updated internal dependencies

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