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1.2.0 2020-05-28

This update introduces support for Stripe Terminal in Canada using the Verifone P400 reader. To get started with Stripe Terminal in Canada, read our Canada documentation.

Stripe Terminal supports Interac Debit payments and refunds. Interac in-person payments must be refunded while the cardholder is present. The Stripe Terminal iOS SDK includes a new card-present refunds API to support in-person refunds:

  • collectRefundPaymentMethod
  • processRefund

To support the card-present refunds API, we also introduce:

  • the SCPRefundParameters object, which you pass into collectRefundPaymentMethod
  • the SCPProcessRefundError class

Other changes

  • Example app is now compiled with Swift 5.2 by default
  • Fixes issue where example app was preventing operation cancellation where it should be possible, and where example app was allowing cancellation where it shouldn't be possible.
  • Fixes example app UI bugs
  • Fixes bug where the SDK doesn't cancel outstanding cancelables when a reader disconnects
  • Updates internal dependencies

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