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If you are using CocoaPods, update your Podfile:

pod 'StripeTerminal', '1.0.0-rc1'


The initializers for DiscoveryConfiguration have changed. Rather than specifying a readerSimulator device type, you can now specify that the configuration is simulated. This allows for the SDK to simulate all device type and discovery method combinations. The readerSimulator device type has been removed.

Previously, the init(deviceType:method:) was nullable, and would return nil if an invalid device type and discovery method combination was provided. That method has been replaced with init(deviceType:discoveryMethod:simulator:), which is no longer nullable. If an invalid device type and discovery method combination is provided, the subsequent call to discoverReaders will fail with SCPErrorInvalidDiscoveryConfiguration.


This release uses PaymentMethods instead of Sources. They're similar concepts, but it means we've shuffled things around. In b6 (and earlier), a Source would be added to your PaymentIntent during Terminal.confirmPaymentIntent(), or a standalone card_present Source could be created via Terminal.readSource().


The Terminal.confirmPaymentIntent() method has been replaced by Terminal.processPayment(). In this flow, the CardPresentSource class has been replaced by CardPresentDetails:

  • The returned PaymentIntent no longer has a CardPresentSource property. Instead, find the CardPresentDetails object on the Charge(s) in PaymentIntent.charges.
  • Each Charge has a PaymentMethodDetails object, with transaction-specific details about the payment method used. For the StripeTerminal SDK collectPaymentMethod & processPayment flow, these PaymentMethodDetails will be of type == .cardPresent, and their cardPresent property has the CardPresentDetails.
  • The CardPresentSource.stripeId, CardPresentSource.metadata, and properties are not available on CardPresentDetails.
  • CardPresentSource.receiptData is now CardPresentDetails.receipt, and the class name has changed from ReceiptData to ReceiptDetails.

There are a couple other misc related changes:

  • The PaymentIntentStatusRequiresSource status has been renamed PaymentIntentStatusRequiresPaymentMethod.
  • The ReceiptDetails.mid and ReceiptDetails.tid properties have been removed.


The Terminal.readSource() method has been replaced by Terminal.readReusableCard(). A successful readReusableCard call returns a PaymentMethod instead of a CardPresentSource.

The returned payment method is of type == .card, instead of cardPresent. It's no longer necessary to convert the payment method first, these PaymentMethods are immediately usable for online charges, and can be reused.

Properties from the CardPresentSource are now found either on the top-level PaymentMethod (ex: stripeId), or inside the PaymentMethod's card: CardDetails property (ex: brand or fingerprint).

Unexpected reader disconnects

The terminal:didDisconnectUnexpectedlyFromReader: method has been renamed terminal:didReportUnexpectedReaderDisconnect:, and is now required. Your app should handle this method, and notify your user that the reader has disconnected. You may also want to start the discoverReaders process when your app handles this method. Your app can automatically attempt to discover and connect to the previously connected reader, or display UI for your user to re-connect to a reader.

Reader Update API

The terminal:checkForReaderSoftwareUpdate has been renamed and split into two calls: terminal:checkForUpdate and terminal:installUpdate. Instead of calling terminal:checkForReaderSoftwareUpdate and receiving the update via readerSoftwareUpdateDelegate:readerSoftwareUpdateAvailable, terminal:checkForUpdate accepts a completion which is passed the update if one is available. Once you have an update you will have to call terminal:installUpdate. We are deprecating readerSoftwareUpdateDelegate:didCompleteReaderSoftwareUpdate. Instead you will pass a completion to terminal:installUpdate which will be passed nil upon successful completion and an error otherwise.

Other changes

  • The SDK will now request location permissions from the user when your app connects to a reader for the first time. (Feedback from #26)
  • We've fixed issues where connectReader took a long time under certain conditions.
  • Bugfix: In some situations, the completion: blocks for collectPaymentMethod and readSource could execute more than once: reporting a failure followed by a success #28.
  • Added a hasTokenProvider getter, in case you want to check whether you've set a token provider before accessing the shared Terminal singleton. (Feedback from #26)

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