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v1.0 beta 5


If you are using CocoaPods, update your Podfile:

pod 'StripeTerminal', '1.0.0-b5'

Reader software update: improved sound and visual alerting

We've released an optional reader update for the BBPOS Chipper 2X that enables beeps when a card is inserted and when the transaction completes.

  • After this update, the reader will emit a single beep when a card is inserted, and two beeps when the transaction is complete. Currently, the reader only emits these beeps for contactless transactions.
  • The reader will also issue two beeps, recurring at a 5 second interval, if an inserted card is left in the reader after the transaction has completed.

Note: you will need to update your readers in order to enable this feature. You can update your readers by implementing the SDK's updateReaderSoftware workflow, or by using the provided example app, which includes the ability to update readers. You can download the Example app directly on TestFlight, or build it from source.

You'll need to perform a series of 2 updates in order to enable this functionality on your reader.

  • The current deviceSoftwareVersion should look something like this:
  • The first update will update the firmware on your reader to
    • This firmware adds the ability to beep during contact card presentation.
    • The version for this update will look something like this:
  • The second update will update the configuration of your reader to SZZZ_Generic_v37
    • This configuration enables beeps on card insert, transaction complete, and card left in reader.
    • The version for this update will look something like this:

Other updates

  • retrievePaymentIntent has been renamed in Swift to make it clearer that you must pass a clientSecret as the first argument.
  • When discoverReaders is canceled, the completion block will now be called with nil. Previously, canceling discoverReaders would result in the completion block producing an error with code SCPErrorCanceled. This was surprising to several users, so we've changed the behavior of this method. Note that canceling collectPaymentMethod still produces an error with code SCPErrorCanceled.
  • We've fixed an issue where connecting to a reader immediately after discovery would fail when using the BluetoothDiscovery method.
  • The didRequestReaderInputPrompt delegate method has been modified in Swift to be consistent with other delegate methods.
    - func terminal(terminal: Terminal, didRequestReaderInputPrompt inputPrompt: ReaderInputPrompt) { + func terminal(_ terminal: Terminal, didRequestReaderInputPrompt inputPrompt: ReaderInputPrompt) {
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