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v1.0 beta 2


Card insert and removal events

  • You can now use the new ReaderEvent enum to detect card insert and removal events, using the optional didReportReaderEvent method on TerminalDelegate.
  • Note: if you're a participant in the alpha program, you will need to update your existing readers to the latest firmware configuration in order to see card insert and removal events. (Any new readers you order will come pre-loaded with this configuration). You can update your readers by implementing the SDK's updateReaderSoftware workflow, or by using the provided example app, which includes the ability to update readers. You can download the Example app directly by joining the TestFlight beta, or build it from source.


UpdateReader has been renamed UpdateReaderSoftware to distinguish between updating the Reader object in the Stripe API, and updating the software on the physical reader. Other related changes:

  • The updateReader method has been renamed updateReaderSoftware, and returns a Cancelable.
  • The UpdateReaderDelegate protocol has been renamed UpdateReaderSoftwareDelegate. Methods within this protocol have also been renamed.
  • The ReaderUpdate object has been renamed ReaderSoftwareUpdate
  • InstallUpdateCompletionBlock has been renamed InstallUpdateBlock, as it is not a completion block.
  • A deviceSoftwareVersion property has been added to the ReaderSoftwareUpdate object, which you can use to determine the target update version.
  • The updateReaderSoftware method call now requires an UpdateReaderSoftwareParameters object. Typically, you will not need to modify the default parameters object, as nearly all readers are registered in the production environment. However, if you received readers as part of the alpha program, you may need to set environment to test in order to update some of your readers. If this is the case, please contact your account manager to arrange exchanging this reader for a production reader.

Other changes

  • The polymorphic Terminal.string(from:) methods in Swift have been renamed to individual stringFrom{Type} methods.
  • The didDisconnectUnexpectedlyFrom method has been renamed to didDisconnectUnexpectedlyFromReader in Swift, for consistency.
  • The AttachingSource value in the PaymentStatus enumeration has been renamed to CollectingPaymentMethod.
  • The ReaderInputPrompt enumeration has a new TryAnotherCard value, used to indicate that the presented card is invalid. This value is used to indicate that the user should try another card. This indicates the user should try a different card. In contrast, the TryAnotherReadMethod prompt means the user should either: 1. try another read method on the same card (e.g. swipe if the card was inserted), or 2. try a different card.
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