github stripe/stripe-terminal-ios v1.0.0

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4 years ago

If you are using CocoaPods, update your Podfile:

pod 'StripeTerminal', '1.0.0'

Changes from 1.0.0-rc2

  • Adds Reader.simulated property, to tell whether a reader is simulated or not.

  • The Terminal.connectedReader property will now be nil when the SDK calls your TerminalDelegate.terminal(_:didReportUnexpectedReaderDisconnect:) method. In previous releases, it contained the previously connected Reader object. The previously connected reader is still available, as a parameter of this method.

  • When a SCPErrorSessionExpired has been thrown (see SCPErrors.h for more details on when this is thrown) we now call TerminalDelegate.didReportUnexpectedReaderDisconnect after a successful auto-disconnect. Note there is a small chance the disconnect fails and this callback will not be called. You can check Terminal.connectionStatus in your completion block that received the SCPErrorSessionExpired to see if your reader is still connected.

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