github stripe/stripe-terminal-ios 3.6.0

latest release: 3.7.0
27 days ago
  • Built with Xcode 15.2, Swift version 5.9.
  • Update: Using SCPOfflineBehaviorRequireOnline will attempt online network calls regardless of the current network status. This may cause requests while the network is offline to take longer as requests will always be attempted online first.
  • Update: Tapping or inserting an unsupported card will now report SCPReaderDisplayMessageTryAnotherCard instead of SCPReaderDisplayMessageTryAnotherReadMethod.
  • Update: paymentStatus now stays ready while API-only commands are in-progress. This includes createPaymentIntent, createSetupIntent, cancelPaymentIntent, and cancelSetupIntent.
  • Update: paymentStatus now updates to waitingForInput while collectInputs is running.
  • Update: If a reader receives the SCPErrorReaderMissingEncryptionKeys error when collecting a payment the SDK now also reboots the reader in addition to the existing behavior of disconnecting from the reader. Reconnecting to the reader should re-install the keys and allow the reader to collect payments again.

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