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3 months ago
  • Built with Xcode 15.2, Swift version 5.9.
  • New: rebootReader method to reboot Bluetooth readers.
  • New: An optional reader:didDisconnect: method was added to SCPBluetoothReaderDelegate which provides a new SCPDisconnectReason to communicate known reasons why a Bluetooth reader disconnected.
  • New: Support refunding payments with the SCPPaymentIntent.stripeId.
    • Note for internet reader integrations, this feature requires reader software version 2.19 or later to be installed on your internet reader.
  • New: Added support for retrieving and updating reader settings on WisePOS E and Stripe S700 by calling retrieveReaderSettings and setReaderSettings on SCPTerminal.
    • Beta: Accessibility settings are provided at this time, allowing text-to-speech via speakers to be turned on and off as needed.
    • Please contact us if you are interested in joining this beta.
  • Beta: Added a collectInputs method to display forms and collect information from customers.
  • Fixes a bug where collected offline payments using a reader that wasn't connected to online first would fail to be forwarded.
  • Fixes #272: Removed old note about discoverReaders not returning an error when canceled. In 3.x SDKs canceling discoverReaders reports SCPErrorCanceled.
  • Fixes #251: Allow acceptance of Discover cards stored in Apple Pay.
  • Fixes #279: Canceling collectPaymentMethod no longer hangs if card was removed early and the reader went back to the tipping input screen.

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