github stripe/stripe-terminal-ios 3.1.0

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7 months ago
  • Built with Xcode 14.3, Swift version 5.8.
  • New: Public beta support for offline payments.
  • Beta: Allow customer-initiated cancellation for PaymentIntent, SetupIntent, and Refund payment method collection with internet readers. See setEnableCustomerCancellation: on SCPCollectConfigurationBuilder, SCPSetupIntentConfigurationBuilder, and SCPRefundConfigurationBuilder.
    • Note: This feature requires reader software version 2.17 or later to be installed on your internet reader.
    • Please contact us if you want to support customer-initiated cancellation.
  • Update: When connecting to internet readers, the SDK no longer relies on DNS. This resolves an error experienced by users of some DNS providers.
  • Fixes an issue where tipping and offline configs may not be fetched when connecting to an mPOS reader. Tipping and offline mode users should upgrade their SDK.
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK wouldn't announce an unexpected disconnect if an internet reader receives an invalid session error. This can happen after the reader reboots while the SDK is in the background.
  • Fixes an issue where the SDK would error with SCPErrorFeatureNotAvailableWithConnectedReader instead of SCPErrorNotConnectedToReader when calling certain commands without being connected to a reader.
  • Fixes a bug where the SDK could deadlock if attempting to connect to the same reader twice.
  • Fixes a crash running Terminal.shared.supportsReaders on M1 Mac.
  • Improved confirmPaymentIntent performance when location is not available.

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