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8 months ago
  • Built with Xcode 14.3, Swift version 5.8.
  • New: Private beta support for offline payments.
  • Update: Minimum deployment target updated from iOS 11.0 to iOS 13.0.
  • Update: SCPPaymentIntent.stripeId is now nullable to support offline payments.
  • Update: Terminal.processPayment has been renamed to Terminal.confirmPaymentIntent.
  • Update: Terminal.processRefund has been renamed to Terminal.confirmRefund.
  • Update: ReconnectionDelegate methods now provide the instance of the Reader that is being reconnected to instead of the Terminal instance.
  • Update: Removed the SCPErrorBusy error. The SDK will now queue incoming commands if another command is already running.
  • Update: Removed SCPErrorCannotConnectToUndiscoveredReader and SCPErrorMustBeDiscoveringToConnect errors. The SDK now supports connecting to an SCPReader instance that was previously discovered without needing to restart discovery.
  • Update: Removed Terminal.readReusableCard. This functionality is replaced by SetupIntents.
  • Update: discoverReaders is now completed when connectReader is called. This is a behavior change from 2.x where discoverReaders would continue running until connect succeeded. If connect fails you can retry connecting to a previously discovered SCPReader or restart discoverReaders.
  • Update: Canceling discoverReaders now completes with an SCPErrorCanceled error. Previously no error was provided when canceled.
  • Update: DiscoveryConfiguration is now a protocol with concrete classes for each discovery method: BluetoothScanDiscoveryConfiguration, BluetoothProximityDiscoveryConfiguration, InternetDiscoveryConfiguration, and LocalMobileDiscoveryConfiguration. Each class has a Builder exposing only the configuration values that apply to that discovery method.
  • Update: Configuration and parameter classes are now immutable and need to be built with builders. Example: To create SCPPaymentIntentParameters use SCPPaymentIntentParametersBuilder which has setters for all the parameters and a build: method to create the SCPPaymentIntentParameters instance.
  • Update: Removed CardDetails.fingerprint and CardPresentDetails.fingerprint. You will still be able to access the fingerprint server-side using Stripe server-side SDKs.
  • Fixes #240: SCPDiscoveryConfiguration.timeout is now respected when using simulated Bluetooth scan.

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