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one month ago
  • #1316 API Updates
    • Add support for deliver_card, fail_card, return_card, and ship_card test helper methods on resource Issuing.Card
    • Add support for subtotal_excluding_tax on CreditNote and Invoice
    • Add support for amount_excluding_tax and unit_amount_excluding_tax on CreditNoteLineItem and InvoiceLineItem
    • Add support for total_excluding_tax on Invoice
    • Change type of PaymentLink.payment_method_types[] from literal('card') to enum
    • Add support for promptpay on PaymentMethod
    • Add support for new value promptpay on enum PaymentMethod.type
    • Add support for hosted_regulatory_receipt_url and reversal_details on Treasury.ReceivedCredit and Treasury.ReceivedDebit

See the changelog for more details.

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