github stripe/stripe-php v7.88.0

latest releases: v8.8.0, v8.7.0, v8.6.0...
11 months ago
  • #1152 API Updates
    • Add support for new resource Quote
    • Add support for quote on Invoice
    • Add support for new value quote_accept on enum Invoice.billing_reason
  • #1155 Add streaming methods to Service infra
    • Add support for setStreamingHttpClient and streamingHttpClient to ApiRequestor
    • Add support for getStreamingClient and requestStream to AbstractService
    • Add support for requestStream to BaseStripeClient
    • \Stripe\RequestOptions::parse now clones its input if it is already a RequestOptions object, to prevent accidental mutation.
  • #1151 Add mode constants into Checkout\Session

See the changelog for more details.

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