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Notesnook Android v3.0.14 Beta

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pre-release29 days ago

What's fixed

  1. Fix automatic scroll on drag/drop items in side bar not working
  2. Add a notice at login page about v3 beta migration to warn new users
  3. Fix only first line of long title visible in editor
  4. Fix scroll position is not reset correctly when switching between notes
  5. Fix assigning a color by adding new colors assigns the note 2 colors
  6. Fix broken back gesture when swiping back into editor after exiting once
  7. Fix note is not reset properly when tab gets locked
  8. Fix wording of Move note sheet mentioning topics after creating a notebook
  9. Fix adding a paragraph after table does not work consistently.
  10. Fix app lock settings do not ask for user verification when tapping on switch button
  11. Fix a crash in list "Cannot read property x of undefined"
  12. Fix switching to locked note does not focus the locked tab
  13. Fix opening any note after opening a locked note asks for bio-metrics
  14. Fix changing profile pictures requires you to remove the current profile picture then add the new one

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