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Streamlink 2.4.0

Release highlights:

  • Deprecated: stream-type specific stream transport options in favor of generic options (#3893)
    • use --stream-segment-attempts instead of --{dash,hds,hls}-segment-attempts
    • use --stream-segment-threads instead of --{dash,hds,hls}-segment-threads
    • use --stream-segment-timeout instead of --{dash,hds,hls}-segment-timeout
    • use --stream-timeout instead of --{dash,hds,hls,rtmp,http-stream}-timeout

See the documentation's deprecations page for more information.

  • Deprecated: --hls-segment-stream-data option and made it always stream segment data (#3894)
  • Updated: Python version of the Windows installer from 3.8 to 3.9 and dropped support for Windows 7 due to Python incompatibilities (#3918)
    See the documentation's install page for alternative installation methods on Windows 7.
  • Updated: FFmpeg in the Windows Installer from 4.2 (Zeranoe) to 4.4 (streamlink/FFmpeg-Builds) (#3981)
  • Added: {author}, {category}/{game}, {title} and {url} variables to --output, --record and --record-and-play (#3962)
  • Added: {time}/{time:custom-format} variable to --title, --output, --record and --record-and-play (#3993)
  • Added: --fs-safe-rules for changing character replacement rules in file outputs (#3962)
  • Added: plugin metadata to --json stream data output (#3987)
  • Fixed: named pipes not being cleaned up by FFMPEGMuxer (#3992)
  • Fixed: KeyError on invalid variables in --player-args (#3988)
  • Fixed: tests failing in certain cases when run in different order (#3920)
  • Fixed: initial HLS playlist parsing issues (#3903, #3910)
  • Fixed: various plugin issues. Please see the changelog down below.
  • Dependencies: added lxml>=4.6.3 (#3952)
  • Dependencies: switched back to requests>=2.26.0 on Windows (#3930)
  • Removed plugins: animeworld (#3951), gardenersworld (#3966), huomao (#3932)


See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

Grabien <> (1):
      plugins.nbcnews: fix stream URL extraction (#3909)

Ian Cameron <> (2):
      plugins.huomao: plugin removal
      plugins.pluto: fix URL match for 2 letter language codes

Leonardo Nascimento <> (1):
      plugins.booyah: add support for source stream (#3969)

back-to <> (9):
      stream.hls: handle exception StreamError in Thread-HLSStreamWorker - iter_segments
      plugins.raiplay: use 'res.encoding = "UTF-8"'
      plugins.rtve: update for /play/ URLs
      plugins.zattoo: fix HLS stream, added more debug details
      tests.mixins.stream_hls: increase TIMEOUT_AWAIT_WRITE timeout, use --durations 10 for pytest
      setup: update requests version >=2.26.0 and
      plugins.abematv: skip invalid ad segments
      plugins.animelab: removed
      cli.argparser: Fixed ValueError for streamlink --help

bastimeyer <> (39):
      session: deprecate options for spec. stream types
      stream.hls: remove hls-segment-stream-data option
      docs: reorganize stream transport options
      stream.hls: except more errors raised by requests
      tests.hls: fix playlist reload time tests
      stream.hls: close stream on initial parsing error
      installer: upgrade to python 3.9
      tests: fix Plugin.bind(session) calls
      plugin: fix cookie related error messages
      docs: update python-requests version comment
      plugins.twitch: replace remaining kraken API calls
      plugins.twitch: refactor TwitchAPI class methods
      plugins.euronews: add API fallback requests
      plugins.sportschau: fix audio streams
      vendor: add lxml dependency
      plugins.deutschewelle: rewrite plugin
      plugins.gardenersworld: remove plugin
      cli: player title and file output metadata vars
      plugin.api.validate: switch to lxml.etree
      plugin.api.validate: add args+kwargs to transform
      plugin.api.validate: add parse_{json,html,xml,qsd}
      plugin: metadata attributes
      plugins: fix utils imports
      plugins.welt: rewrite and simplify using XPath
      plugins.deutschewelle: validate.parse_html
      plugins.reuters: rewrite and fix using XPath
      plugins.euronews: rewrite and fix using XPath
      installer: move assets config to local JSON file
      installer: switch to streamlink/FFmpeg-Builds
      cli.main: f-strings
      cli.main: annotate types of global vars
      cli.main: check args.json instead of console.json
      cli.console: refactor ConsoleOutput
      cli: include plugin metadata in --json output
      cli.output: fix unknown vars in --player-args / -a
      stream.ffmpegmux: always clean up named pipes
      cli.utils.formatter: rewrite Formatter
      cli.utils.formatter: implement format_spec
      cli: add {time:format} var to --output / --title

gustaf <> (1):
      plugins.svtplay: fix plugin video id

steven7851 <> (1):
      plugins.app17: fix API_URL and URL match (#3989)
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