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Streamlink 2.3.0

Release highlights:

  • Implemented: new plugin URL matching API (#3814, #3821)
    Third-party plugins which use the old API will still be resolved, but those plugins will have to upgrade in the future. See the documentation's deprecations page for more information.
  • Implemented: HLS media initialization section (fragmented MPEG-4 streams) (#3828)
  • Upgraded: requests to >=2.26.0,<3 and set it to ==2.25.1 on Windows (#3864, #3880)
  • Fixed: YouTube channel URLs, premiering live streams, added API fallback (#3847, #3873, #3809)
  • Removed plugins: canalplus (#3841), dommune (#3818), liveedu (#3845), periscope (#3813), powerapp (#3816), rtlxl (#3842), streamingvideoprovider (#3843), teleclubzoom (#3817), tigerdile (#3819)


See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

Hakkin Lain <> (1):
      stream.hls: set fallback playlist reload time to 6 seconds (#3887)

back-to <> (16): added API fallback
      plugins.rtvs: fixed livestream
      plugins.nos: Fixed Livestream and VOD
      plugins.vlive: fixed livestream (#3820)
      plugins.Tigerdile: removed
      plugins.Dommune: removed
      plugins.PowerApp: removed
      plugins.TeleclubZoom: removed (#3817)
      plugins.cdnbg: Fix regex and referer issues
      plugins.rtlxl: removed
      plugins.CanalPlus: removed
      plugins.liveedu: removed
      plugins.Streamingvideoprovider: removed
      plugin.api: update useragents detect Livestreams with 'isLive'
      plugins.nimotv: use 'mStreamPkg'

bastimeyer <> (30): translate embed_live URLs
      plugins.periscope: remove plugin
      plugins.mediaklikk: rewrite plugin
      stream.hls: add type hints and refactor
      stream.hls: implement media initialization section
      plugin: new matchers API
      plugins: update protocol plugins
      plugins: update basic plugins
      plugins: update plugins with URL capture groups
      plugins: update plugins with spec. can_handle_url
      plugins: update plugins with multiple URL matchers
      plugins: update plugins with URL translations
      session: resolve deprecated plugins
      plugins.zdf_mediathek: refactor plugin, drop HDS
      docs: add deprecations page
      plugins.tv8: remove API, find HLS via simple regex find videoId on channel pages
      chore: replace issue templates with forms
      chore: fix issue forms checklist
      tests: remove mock from dev dependencies
      vendor: set requests to >=2.26.0,<3
      tests: temporarily skip broken tests on win32
      tests: fix unnecessary hostname lookup in cli_main
      docs: fix headline anchors on deprecations page
      vendor: downgrade requests to 2.25.1 on Windows
      tests: refactor TestMixinStreamHLS
      streams.segmented: refactor worker and writer
      streams.segmented: refactor reader
      streams.hls: refactor worker
      streams.hls: fix playlist_reload_time

gustaf <> (1):
      plugins.tv4play: fix plugin URL regex

vinyl-umbrella <> (1):
      plugins.openrectv: update HLS URLs (#3850)
latest release: 2.4.0
3 months ago