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Streamlink 2.2.0

Release highlights:

  • Changed: default config file path on macOS and Windows (#3766)
    • macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/streamlink/config
    • Windows: %APPDATA%\streamlink\config
  • Changed: default custom plugins directory path on macOS and Linux/BSD (#3766)
    • macOS: ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/streamlink/plugins
    • Linux/BSD: ${XDG_DATA_HOME:-${HOME}/.local/share}/streamlink/plugins
  • Deprecated: old config file paths and old custom plugins directory paths (#3784)
    • Windows:
    • %APPDATA%\streamlink\streamlinkrc
    • macOS:
    • ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-${HOME}/.config}/streamlink/config
    • ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-${HOME}/.config}/streamlink/plugins
    • ${HOME}/.streamlinkrc
    • Linux/BSD:
    • ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-${HOME}/.config}/streamlink/plugins
    • ${HOME}/.streamlinkrc

Support for these old paths will be dropped in the future.
See the CLI documentation for all the details regarding these changes.

  • Implemented: --logfile CLI argument (#3753)
  • Fixed: Youtube 404 errors by dropping private API calls (plugin rewrite) (#3797)
  • Fixed: Twitch clips (#3762, #3775) and hosted channel redirection (#3776)
  • Fixed: Olympicchannel plugin (#3760)
  • Fixed: various Zattoo plugin issues (#3773, #3780)
  • Fixed: HTTP responses with truncated body and mismatching content-length header (#3768)
  • Fixed: scheme-less URLs with address:port for --http-proxy, etc. (#3765)
  • Fixed: rendered man page path on Sphinx 4 (#3750)
  • Added plugins: (#3584), (#3585), (#3743)
  • Removed plugins: (#3781), (#3798)


See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

Billy2011 <> (2):
      plugins.mediaklikk: add (#3757)
      plugins.olympicchannel: fix / rewrite

DESK-coder <> (1):
      plugins.zattoo: changes to hello_v3 and new token.js (#3773)

FaceHiddenInsideTheDark <> (1):
      plugins.funimationnow: fix subtitle language (#3752)

Ian Cameron <> (2):
      plugins.bfmtv: fix/find Brightcove video data in JS (#3662)
      plugins.booyah: new plugin

back-to <> (7):
      plugins.tf1: fixed api_url
      plugins.onetv: cleanup
      plugins.mediavitrina: new plugin
      plugin.api: update useragents, remove EDGE
      plugins.ine: removed
      plugins.zattoo: cleanup, fix other domains
      plugins.playtv: removed - SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE (#3798)

bastimeyer <> (27):
      plugins.rtpplay: fix obfuscated HLS URL parsing
      utils.url: add encoding options to update_qsd
      docs: set man_make_section_directory to false
      tests.hls: test headers on segment+key requests
      cli.argparser: fix description text
      utils.url: fix update_scheme with implicit schemes
      plugins.twitch: add access token to clips
      tests: refactor TestCLIMainLogging
      cli: implement --logfile
      plugins.twitch: fix clips URL regex
      plugin.api.http_session: refactor HTTPSession
      plugin.api.http_session: enforce_content_length
      stream.hls: replace custom PKCS#7 unpad function
      plugin.api.validate: add nested lookups to get()
      plugin.api.validate: implement union_get()
      plugins.twitch: query hosted channels on GQL
      plugins.twitch: tidy up API calls
      cli: refactor CONFIG_FILES and PLUGIN_DIRS
      cli: add XDG_DATA_HOME as first plugins dir
      cli: rename config file on Windows to "config"
      cli: use correct config and plugins dir on macOS
      cli: deprecate old config files and plugin dirs
      cli: fix order of config file deprecation log msgs clean up a bit update URL regex, translate URLs replace private API calls unescape consent form values

shirokumacode <> (1):
      plugins.mildom: new plugin for (#3584)
latest releases: 2.4.0, 2.3.0
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