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Streamlink 2.1.0

Release highlights:

  • Added: --interface, -4 / --ipv4 and -6 / --ipv6 (#3483)
  • Added: --niconico-purge-credentials (#3434)
  • Added: --twitcasting-password (#3505)
  • Added: Linux AppImages (#3611)
  • Added: pre-built man page to bdist wheels and sdist tarballs (#3459, #3510)
  • Added: plugin for and (#3484), (#3508)
  • Fixed: --player-http / --player-continuous-http HTTP server being bound to all interfaces (#3450)
  • Fixed: handling of languages without alpha_2 code when using pycountry (#3518)
  • Fixed: memory leak when calling streamlink.streams() (#3486)
  • Fixed: race condition in HLS related tests (#3454)
  • Fixed: --player-fifo issues on Windows with VLC or MPV (#3619)
  • Fixed: various plugins issues (see detailed changelog down below)
  • Removed: Windows portable (RosadinTV) (#3535)
  • Removed: plugin for (#3457), (#3485), btsports (#3636)
  • Dependencies: set websocket-client to >=0.58.0 (#3634)


See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

Alexis Murzeau <> (1):
      docs: update Debian stable install instructions

Billy2011 <> (1):
      plugins.stadium: adaptions for new player api (#3506)

Ian Cameron <> (7):
      plugins.mico: plugin removal
      plugins.dogus: remove channel and update test
      plugins.turkuvaz: add channels and URL tests
      plugins.tvtoya: fix playlist regex
      plugins.nimotv: new plugin
      plugins.tvtoya: minor fixes
      plugins.mjunoon: rewrite/fix

Jefffrey <> (1):
      plugins.Nicolive: login before getting wss api url

Miguel Valadas <> (1):
      plugins.rtpplay: add schema and fix HLS URL (#3627)

Vladimir Stavrinov <> (1):
      plugins.oneplusone: fix iframe url pattern (#3503)

alnj <> (1):
      plugins.twitcasting: add support for private/password-protected streams (#3505)

back-to <> (11):
      cli.main: use *_args, **_kwargs for create_http_server (#3450)
      plugins.nicolive: added --niconico-purge-credentials
      docs: remove outdated gst-player example
      plugins.facebook: Add 'Log into Facebook' error message.
      plugins.afreeca: use 'gs_cdn_pc_web' and 'common'
      stream.dash: Fix static playlist - refresh_wait - Pipe copy aborted - Read timeout
      plugin.api: update useragents (#3637)
      plugins.zattoo: use 'dash' as default stream require websocket-client>=0.58.0
      plugins.nicolive: fixed websocket-client
      plugins.btsports: remove plugin

bastimeyer <> (36):
      tools: force LF line endings via .gitattributes
      docs: add minimalist code of conduct
      stream.hls: open reader from class attribute
      tests.hls: await all filtered-HLS writer calls
      plugins.twitch: fix access_token on invalid inputs
      ci: add netlify docs preview deploy config
      docs: add thank-you section to index page
      build: include man page in wheels
      docs: bump furo docs req to 2020.12.28.beta23
      http_session: remove HTTPAdapterWithReadTimeout
      docs: improve install-via-pip section
      docs: fix description of `--ffmpeg-fout`
      build: include man page in sdist tarballs
      utils/l10n: fix langs without alpha_2 in pycountry fix and refactor plugin
      utils: remove custom memoize decorator
      docs: remove CLI tutorial from man page
      session: implement --interface, --ipv4 and --ipv6
      docs: remove RosadinTV Windows portable version
      ci.github: increase git fetch depth of tests
      tests: fix test code coverage
      ci.codecov: 100% tests target, add patch status
      docs: clean up package maintainers list
      plugins.vtvgo: ignore duplicate params
      ci.codecov: disable GH status check annotations
      chore: reorder and improve issue templates
      plugins: fix invalid plugin class names
      tests.plugins: parametrize can_handle_url tests
      plugins: fix and update removed plugins list
      docs: add appimages section to install docs
      ci.netlify: build docs when changes
      docs: add pip to packages lists
      cli.output: fix named pipe player input on Windows
      cli: debug-log arguments set by the user
      cli: refactor log_current_versions and add tests

bururaku <> (1):
      plugins.abematv: Update (#3617)

fenopa <> (1):
      installer: upgrade to python 3.8.7

losuler <> (1):
      docs: update URL to Fedora repo

onde2rock <> (1):
      plugins.bfmtv : fix rmcstory and rmcdecouverte (#3471)

vinyl-umbrella <> (1):
      plugins.openrectv: update/fix (#3583)
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