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Streamlink 2.0.0

Release highlights:

  • BREAKING: dropped support for Python 2 and Python 3.5 (#3232, #3269)
  • BREAKING: updated the Python version of the Windows installer to 3.8 (#3330)
    Users of Windows 7 will need their system to be fully upgraded.
  • BREAKING: removed all deprecated CLI arguments (#3277, #3349)
    • --http-cookies, --http-headers, --http-query-params
    • --no-version-check
    • --rtmpdump-proxy
    • --cmdline, -c
    • --errorlog, -e
    • --errorlog-path
    • --btv-username, --btv-password
    • --crunchyroll-locale
    • --pixiv-username, --pixiv-password
    • --twitch-oauth-authenticate, --twitch-oauth-token, --twitch-cookie
    • --ustvnow-station-code
    • --youtube-api-key
  • BREAKING: replaced various subtitle muxing CLI arguments with --mux-subtitles (#3324)
    • --funimationnow-mux-subtitles
    • --pluzz-mux-subtitles
    • --rtve-mux-subtitles
    • --svtplay-mux-subtitles
    • --vimeo-mux-subtitles
  • BREAKING: sideloading faulty plugins will now raise an Exception (#3366)
  • BREAKING: changed trace logging timestamp format (#3273)
  • BREAKING/API: removed deprecated Session compat options (#3349)
  • BREAKING/API: removed deprecated custom Logger and LogRecord (#3273)
  • BREAKING/API: removed deprecated parameters from HLSStream.parse_variant_playlist (#3347)
  • BREAKING/API: removed plugin.api.support_plugin (#3398)
  • Added: new plugin for (#3363)
  • Added: support for HLS master playlist URLs to --stream-url / --json (#3300)
  • Added: --ffmpeg-fout for changing the output format of muxed streams (#2892)
  • Added: --ffmpeg-copyts and --ffmpeg-start-at-zero (#3404, #3413)
  • Added: --streann-url for iframe referencing (#3356)
  • Added: --niconico-timeshift-offset (#3425)
  • Fixed: duplicate stream names in DASH inputs (#3410)
  • Fixed: youtube live playback (#3268, #3372, #3428)
  • Fixed: --twitch-disable-reruns (#3375)
  • Fixed: various plugins issues (see detailed changelog down below)
  • Changed: {filename} variable in --player-args / -a to {playerinput} and made both optional (#3313)
  • Changed: and fixed streamlinkrc config file in the Windows installer (#3350)
  • Changed: MPV's automated --title argument to --force-media-title (#3405)
  • Changed: HTML documentation theme to furo (#3335)
  • Removed: plugins for skai, kingkong, ellobo, trt/trtspor, tamago, streamme, metube, cubetv, willax


See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

Billy2011 <> (2): fix live playback (#3268)
      stream.ffmpegmux: add --ffmpeg-copyts option (#3404)

Forrest Alvarez <> (1):
      Update author email to shared email

Hunter Peavey <> (1):
      docs: update wtwitch in thirdparty list (#3286)

Ian Cameron <> (9):
      plugins.skai: plugin removal
      plugins.kingkong: plugin removal
      plugins.cnews: fix video ID search, add schema
      plugins.ellobo: plugin removal
      plugins.nbcnews: fix video ID search, add schemas
      plugins.bfmtv: fix ID & embed re, use Dailymotion
      plugins.filmon: mitigate for non-JSON data response
      plugins.schoolism: fix and test for colon in title (#3421)
      plugins.dogan: fix/update

Jon Bergli Heier <> (1):
      plugins.nrk: fix/rewrite plugin (#3318)

Mark Ignacio <> (1):
      plugins.NicoLive: add --niconico-timeshift-offset option (#3425)

Martin Buck <> (1):
      plugins.zdf_mediathek: also support 3sat mediathek

Sean Greenslade <> (1):
      plugins.picarto: explicitly detect and fail on private streams (#3278)

Sebastian Meyer <> (2):
      chore: drop support for Python 3.5 (#3269)
      ci.github: run lint step before test step (#3294)

Seonjae Hyeon <> (1):
      plugins.vlive: fix URL regex and plugin (#3315)

azizLIGHT <> (1):
      docs: fix mpv property-list link in --title description (#3342)

back-to <> (26):
      plugins.facebook: remove User-Agent (#3272)
      plugins.trt/trtspor: remove plugins
      plugin.api.useragents: update User-Agent
      plugins: remove FIREFOX User-Agent imports
      plugins.abweb: fixed login issues
      plugins.huya: use FLV stream with multiple mirrors
      plugin.api.useragents: update User-Agent's
      plugins.tamago: removed dead plugin
      plugins.streamme: removed dead plugin
      plugins.metube: removed dead plugin
      plugins.cubetv: removed dead plugin
      cli.utils: remove file, use streamlink.utils import
      plugins.willax: removed plugin, they use streann
      plugins.streann: allow different source URLs
      plugins.pixiv: set headers for stream data, fixed login issue
      plugins.pluto: new plugin for (#3363)
      plugins.twitch: fix ads
      plugins.twitch: fix --twitch-disable-reruns quickfix for "/live" URL
      plugins.pluto: ignore invalid channels
      stream.dash: allow '_alt' streams with the same resolution (#3410)
      plugins.afreeca: update '_get_channel_info' with 'bno', plugin cleanup (#3408)
      plugins.plugin: use the same cls.logger 'plugins'
      stream.ffmpegmux: disable -start_at_zero for -copyts as default (#3413)
      plugin.api.useragents: update User-Agent Fix 'ytInitialData' for channel pages

bastimeyer <> (71):
      chore: drop support for Python 2
      chore: remove is_py{2,3} compat checks
      chore: remove compat imports of builtins
      chore: remove streamlink.utils.encoding
      chore: remove simple aliased compat imports
      chore: remove compat imports of removed py2 deps
      chore: remove compat import of html module
      chore: remove compat imports of urllib and queue
      chore: remove remaining inspect compat import
      chore: remove unneeded __future__ imports
      chore: remove file encoding header comments
      chore: remove compat imports from tests
      logger: replace self.logger calls in plugins
      logger: format all log messages directly
      logger: remove deprecated compat logger
      logger: refactor StringFormatter
      chore: remove old LIVESTREAMER_VERSION constant
      chore: remove deprecated CLI arguments
      flake8: add import-order linting config
      plugins.twitch: player_type access token parameter
      ci.github: install latest version of pynsist
      chore: implicit py3 super() calls
      chore: remove u-strings
      ci.github: set ubuntu to 20.04 and python to 3.9
      cli: optional player-args input variable
      cli: add support for stream manifest URL output
      installer: upgrade to Python 3.9.0
      installer: switch back to latest pynsist release
      installer: downgrade to python 3.8
      docs: add note about supported Windows versions
      docs: add autosectionlabel Sphinx extension
      docs: fix most http links
      plugin: implement global plugin arguments
      plugins: turn mux-subtitles into a global argument
      plugins.twitch: remove player_type parameter
      plugins.twitch: move access_token request to GQL
      chore: remove HLS variant playlist compat params
      chore: remove old rtmpdump/subprocess CLI args
      installer: fix + rewrite streamlinkrc config file
      stream.ffmpegmux: only close FFMPEGMuxer once
      chore: add dev version checkbox to issue templates
      chore: inherit from object implicitly
      chore: set literals and dict comprehensions
      chore: use yield from where possible
      chore: replace old errors classes with OSError
      chore: drop python six compat stuff
      chore: fix deprecated logging.Logger.warn calls
      docs: fix CLI page
      docs: split CLI args in HTML output into rows
      session: replace usage of deprecated imp module
      docs: add warning to plugin sideloading section
      refactor: test_session, move testplugin files
      plugin.api: remove support_plugin
      tests: fix test_cmdline{,_title}
      chore: add issue template config with more links
      docs: switch theme to furo, bump sphinx to >=3.0
      docs: remove custom sphinx_rtd_theme_violet
      tools: update editorconfig for docs theme files
      docs: add index page to toctree
      docs: add custom stylesheet and customize sidebar
      docs: change/fix fonts, brand colors and spacings
      docs: add version warning message
      docs: fix applications and donate pages
      cli: move plugin args into their own args group
      docs: fix scrollbar issues in both sidebars
      docs: add favicons and PWA manifest
      cli.output: replace MPV player title parameter
      stream.hls: merge hls_filtered with hls
      cli: move --stream-url to different args group
      cache: catch OverflowError in set()
      docs: fix link in readme

beardypig <> (6):
      tests: fix log tests when run on a system with a non-UTC timezone
      chore: use new py3 yield from syntax
      chore: sort imports, fix a dependency cycle and use absolute imports
      tests: validate all plugins' global arguments
      plugins.mitele: update plugin to support new website APIs (#3338)
      stream.ffmpegmux: Add support for specifying output file format and audio sync option (#2892)

enilfodne <> (1):
      plugins.cdnbg: simplify and fix iframes without schema

smallbomb <> (1):
      plugins: fix url (#3394)
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