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Streamlink 1.7.0

Release highlights:

  • Added: new plugins for, and
  • Added: new embedded ad detection for Twitch streams (#3213)
  • Fixed: a few broken plugins and minor plugin issues (see changelog down below)
  • Fixed: arguments in config files were read too late before taking effect (#3255)
  • Fixed: Arte plugin returning too many streams and overriding primary ones (#3228)
  • Fixed: Twitch plugin error when stream metadata API response is empty (#3223)
  • Fixed: Zattoo login issues (#3202)
  • Changed: plugin request and submission guidelines (#3244)
  • Changed: refactored and cleaned up Twitch plugin (#3227)
  • Removed: platform=_ stream token request parameter from Twitch plugin (again) (#3220)
  • Removed: plugins for itvplayer, aljazeeraen, srgssr and dingittv


See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink

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Alexis Murzeau <> (1):
      docs: use recommonmark as an extension

Billy2011 <> (3):
      plugins.zattoo: use hello api v2 for (#3202)
      plugins.dlive: rewrite plugin (#3239)
      utils.l10n: use DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CODE if locale lookup fails (#3055)

Forrest <> (1):
      plugins.itvplayer: remove due to DRM (#2934)

Ian Cameron <> (8):
      plugins.mico: new plugin for (#3188)
      plugins.cdnbg: update url_re, plugin test, plugin matrix (#3205)
      plugins.tv999: new plugin for (#3199)
      plugins.aljazeeraen: plugin removal (#3207)
      plugins.srgssr: plugin removal
      plugins.tv3cat: update URL match, test and plugin matrix
      chore: update issue templates (#3250)
      docs: add plugin addition/removal infos (#3249)

Sebastian Meyer <> (2):
      Improve coverage reports on codecov (#3200)
      plugins.twitch: remove platform access token param (#3220)

back-to <> (4):
      plugin.api.useragents: update User-Agent
      plugins.livestream: remove AkamaiHDStream, use only secure HLSStream (#3243)
      plugins.dingittv: removed, website is unmaintained
      plugins: mark some plugins as broken (#3262)

bastimeyer <> (21):
      ci.coverage: increase threshold of tests status
      tests: add stream_hls mixin for testing HLSStreams
      stream.hls_filtered: refactor tests, use mixin
      plugins.twitch: refactor tests, use mixin
      stream.hls: refactor reload time tests, use mixin
      stream.hls: separate variant playlist tests
      stream.hls: separate default and encrypted tests
      stream.hls_playlist: implement EXT-X-DATERANGE tag
      plugins.twitch: filter ads by EXT-X-DATERANGE tag
      plugins.twitch: fix metadata API response handling
      ci: add python 3.9 test runners
      tests: fix early writer close in stream_hls mixin
      stream.segmented: gracefully shut down thread pool
      plugins.twitch: remove video-type distinction
      plugins.twitch: refactor Twitch API related code
      plugins.twitch: refactor _get_hls_streams
      plugins.twitch: remove stream weights and clean up
      docs: fix working tree check in deploy script
      docs: update plugin guidelines
      docs: add developing menu with basic setup steps
      docs: add generic pull request template

beardypig <> (3):
      plugins.cbsnews: support for live streams from CBS News (#3251)
      plugins.artetv: only pick the first variant of the stream (#3228)
      cli: make config based args available during early setup (#3255)
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