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Streamlink 1.6.0

Release highlights:

  • Fixed: lots of broken plugins and minor plugin issues (see changelog down below)
  • Fixed: embedded ads on Twitch with an ads workaround, removing pre-roll and mid-stream ads (#3173)
  • Fixed: read timeout error when filtering out HLS segments (#3187)
  • Fixed: twitch plugin logging incorrect low-latency status when pre-roll ads exist (#3169)
  • Fixed: crunchyroll auth logic (#3150)
  • Added: the --hls-playlist-reload-time parameter for customizing HLS playlist reload times (#2925)
  • Added: python -m streamlink invocation style support (#3174)
  • Added: plugin for (#3097)
  • Changed: yupptv plugin and replaced email+pass with id+token authentication (#3116)
  • Removed: plugins for vaughnlive, pandatv, douyutv, cybergame, europaplus and startv


See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

Ian Cameron <> (11):
      docs: update turkuvaz plugin matrix entry (#3114)
      docs: Add for reuters plugin entry in plugin matrix (#3124)
      Fix formatting for reuters plugin entry
      plugins.huomao: fix/rewrite (#3126)
      plugins.drdk: fix livestreams (#3115)
      plugins.tvplayer: update regex and tests for /uk/ URLs
      plugins.tv360: fix HLS URL regex and plugin (#3185)
      plugins: fix unescaped literal dots in url_re entries (#3192)
      plugins.svtplay: rewrite/fix (#3155)
      plugins.yupptv: fix/minor rewrite (#3116)
      plugins.ine: fix unescaped literal dots in js_re (#3196)

Il Harper <> (2):
      Add OBS-Streamlink into thirdparty.rst
      Apply suggestions from code review

PleasantMachine9 <> (1):
      support `python -m` cli invocation

Sebastian Meyer <> (4): fix regex module anchor (#3131)
      plugins.sportschau: rewrite and fix plugin (#3142)
      plugins.raiplay: rewrite and fix plugin (#3147)
      plugins.twitch: refactor worker, parser and tests (#3169)

Tr4sK <> (1):
      plugins.mrtmk: new plugin for (#3097)

Yahya <> (1):
      docs: update reference to minimum VLC version

back-to <> (9):
      plugins.vaughnlive: removed
      plugins.pandatv: removed
      plugins.douyutv: removed
      plugins.tv8: fix plugin with new api
      plugins.cybergame: removed
      plugins.europaplus: remove plugin
      plugins.vk: remove '\' from data
      plugins.nicolive: fix quality
      plugins.wasd: fixed plugin (#3139)

bastimeyer <> (8):
      stream.hls: customizable playlist reload times
      plugins.twitch: platform=_ in access_token request
      docs: fix NixOS link
      docs: replace easy_install macOS entry with pip
      docs: add comment regarding pip/pip3 differences
      stream.hls_filtered: implement FilteredHLSStream
      plugins.twitch: use FilteredHLS{Writer,Reader}
      stream.hls_filtered: fix tests

beardypig <> (1):
      plugins.crunchyroll: update auth logic

derFogel <> (1):
      plugins.zattoo: fix quantum tv streaming (#3108)

hymer-up <> (2):
      plugins.startv: remove plugin (#3163)
      plugins.dogus: add startv URL (#3161)
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