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Streamlink 1.5.0

A minor release with fixes for pycountry==20.7.3 (#3057) and a few plugin additions and removals.

And of course the usual plugin fixes and upgrades, which you can see in the git shortlog down below. Thank you to everyone involved!

Support for Python2 has not been dropped yet (contrary to the comment in the last changelog), but will be in the near future.


See the detailed installation instructions on Streamlink's website.

Supporting Streamlink

If you think that this application is helpful, please consider supporting the maintainers by donating via the Open collective. Not only becoming a backer, but also a sponsor for the (open source) project.

Alexis Murzeau <> (1):
      docs: update debian install instructions

Billy2011 <> (8):
      plugins.nbcsports: fix embed_url_re (#2980)
      plugins.olympicchannel: fix/rewrite (#2981)
      plugins.foxtr: fix playervars_re (#3013)
      plugins.huya: fix _hls_re (#3007)
      plugins.ceskatelevize: add new api for some links (#2991)
      plugins.beattv: remove plugin (#3053)
      plugins.ard_live: fix / rewrite (#3052)
      plugins.ard_mediathek: fix / update (#3049)

Code <> (1):
      Streamlink was added to Windows Package Manager

Ian Cameron <> (6):
      plugins.tvplayer: Add missing platform key in the GET for stream_url (#2989)
      plugins.btv: remove login and fix API URL (#3019)
      plugins.n13tv: new plugin - replaces plugins.reshet (#3034)
      plugins.reshet: plugin removal (#3000)
      plugins.tvnbg: plugin removal (#3056)
      plugins.adultswim: fix/rewrite (#2952)

Sebastian Meyer <> (3):
      ci: no test/documentation jobs on scheduled run (#3012)
      cli.main: fix msecs format in logging output (#3025)
      utils.l10n: fix pycountry language lookup (#3057)

Vladimir Stavrinov <> (1):
      plugins.nbcnews: new plugin for (#2927)

back-to <> (11):
      plugins.showroom: use normal HLSStreams
      docs: remove unimportant note / file
      plugins.viasat: remove domain
      actions: fixed incorrect versions and use names for codecov (#2932)
      plugins.filmon: use /tv/ url and raise PluginError for invalid channels
      flake8: E741 ambiguous variable name Fix isLive and signatureCipher (#3026)
      plugins.facebook: use meta og:video:url and added basic title support (#3024)
      plugins.picarto: fixed vod url detection
      ci: fix pycountry issue temporarily with a fixed version
      plugin.api.useragents: update User-Agent

bastimeyer <> (3):
      docs/install: fix Windows package manager
      plugins.mixer: remove plugin
      ci: run scheduled tests, ignore coverage report

beardypig <> (1):
      plugins.cdnbg: update plugin to support new sites, and remove old sites (#2912)

lanroth <> (1):
      plugins.radionet: fix plugin so it works with new page format (#3018)

resloved <> (1):
      fixed typo

steven7851 <> (1):
      plugins.app17: update API (#2969)

tnira <> (1):
      Plugin.nicolive:resolve API format change (#3061)

unavailable <> (1):
      plugins.twitch: fix call_subdomain (#2958)

wiresp33d <> (2):
      plugins.bigo: use API for video URL (#3016)
      plugins.nicolive: resolve new api format (#3039)
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