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3 days ago

📖 Documentation

🔥 Bug fix

  • [core:admin] Make sure the admin user email is defined before trying to use it (#16705) @Convly
  • [core:content-manager] fix: Description and min/max characters not visible during error screen (#16404) @gitstart
  • [core:content-type-builder] fix collection names check for plural names in edit (#16789) @simotae14
  • [core:data-transfer] Wait for websocket to open only once in transfer pull (#16648) @Bassel17
  • [core:upload] fix: Media library folders and files can get unintentionally deleted (#16759) @Marc-Roig
  • [core:upload] fix: Some folders can't be moved inside others (#16760) @Marc-Roig
  • [docs] chore: license in strapi/ee needs prefix (#16799) @joshuaellis
  • [providers] Use upload_chunked_stream instead if upload_stream (#16621) @goodhoko

💅 Enhancement

  • [core:admin] Chore: Add eslint rule to forbid access to the strapi global (#16736) @gu-stav
  • [core:content-type-builder] Collection names and ids uniqueness (#16465) @simotae14

⚙️ Chore

📚 Update and Migration Guides

  • General update guide can be found here
  • Migration guides can be found here 📚

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