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12 days ago



  • e90612c docs/blueprint: partial rollout automation
  • cf5ff53 cmd/tools/metabase-verify: switch to ranged loop
  • b502310 cmd/inspector: remove
  • 980d3c6 makefile, docker: purge deleted (satellite) inspector tool from build files
  • 056a4a2 release v1.80.1-rc


  • 52ff7a6 web/satellite: use color palette instead of hex colors for button
  • bc30dee satellite/repair: update repair test to use blake3 algo
  • c2710cc satellite/audit: improve error handling
  • b91f72f web/satellite: added limit cards on project dashboard
  • 083b3d6 web/satellite: added modal to update single project limit
  • 277a4c6 web/satellite: updated project dashboard data cards
  • b11ba50 web/satellite: hide sidebar on onboarding
  • 331a334 web/satellite: mod project options menu for all projects dashboard
  • 5fede0c web/satellite: fix no project id provided error
  • 2592aae satellite/gc/bloomfilter: remove segments loop parts
  • 81b2b06 satellite/satellitedb/dbx/gen: update to work with updated dbx
  • 7e69b22 satellite/console: retrieve a web UI session using a API key
  • 4bdbb25 satellite/metabase/rangedloop: move Segment definition
  • e9fc4e9 web/satellite: fix billing page nav on all dashboard
  • f87772a satellite/console: bug fix for using a API key to retrieve a session
  • 607b120 satellite/satellitedb: add inviter ID column to project invites table
  • 1f4f79b satellite/repair: don't mark clumped segments as irreparable
  • 958d867 satellite/overlay: remove unnecessary test helper
  • ace0ef8 web/satellite: migrated Vue 2 to Vue 3
  • a2a603a web/satellite: rightly navigate to pricing plan page
  • 19cb08b web/satellite: add "public linksharing URL"
  • 09311b2 web/satellite: add role column to project members table
  • c0e7f46 satellite/metabase: remove segmentsloop package
  • 9b34882 satellite/gracefulexit: use node alias instead id with observer
  • c856d45 satellite/overlay: fix GetNodesNetworkInOrder
  • 2507044 web/satellite: fix frozen status banners not showing
  • 09ec5f1 satellite/payments: Remove expired package credits
  • eabd9dd satellite/orders: remove unsed argument
  • d8f6432 satellite/accounting/tally: remove objects loop
  • 98591f3 satellite/{web, console}: implemented new objects uploading hover component
  • 714c9f4 satellite/console: Turn all projects dashboard on by default
  • 919278d satellite/satellitedb: drop partnerID columns
  • 715b9f0 web/satellite: fix table cells styling
  • 7d745ac web/satellite: update wording from decentralized to distributed cloud
  • 6f2d6a9 web/satellite: update modals for create projects


  • bf8072d cmd/storagenode: fix identity flag for graceful exit commands
  • c6f67d4 storagenode: fix lazyfilewalker failing with SIGPIPE

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