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20 days ago



  • b89e0e0 payments/stripe: Remove apply coupon from generate invoice command
  • 6ac72e4 all: bump
  • 291b541 earthfile: remove storage folder
  • 4df3297 release v1.79.3


  • dab4288 web/multinode: fix used space graph showing 0
  • 162af1e web/multinode: fix bandwidth graph disappearing on state change
  • 8a206f0 web/multinode: fix wrong undistributed payout amount
  • 8beb78e {satellite,multinode}/console: fix WriteHeader


  • 7a17dc5 satellite/{console,satellitedb}: add methods for project invite table
  • 4929ae3 web/satellite: improve table pagination
  • 2e2978d web/satellite: rework styling of create project passphrase flow
  • 48f9208 web/satellite: rework styling of manage project passphrase modals
  • 3cd79d9 satellite/gc/bloomfilter: extract BF upload logic
  • 978b714 web/satellite: rework open bucket modal styling
  • 30dee52 web/satellite: rework delete access grant modal
  • 98562d0 satellite/gc/bloomfilter: add sync observer
  • 3f1166b web/satellite: added update your session timeout banner
  • 9069236 web/satellite: fix link
  • bf630b7 web/satellite: update team page design
  • 25f2305 web/satellite: removed google fonts from satellite emails
  • 034431e web/satellite: update session timeout modals
  • a229fea satellite/console: Pass pricing packages enabled config to frontend
  • 511d74a satellite/metainfo: hardcode the prefix
  • 73898e0 web/satellite: make graph line more smooth
  • a8ba7aa web/satellite: small styling updates for access grant flow
  • d808116 satellite/metainfo: increase default MaxEncryptedObjectKeyLength
  • bf05040 satellite/{console,db}: allow passphrasepromt toggling
  • 4ab433b satellite/{web,console}: make duplicate member error readable
  • 2bb6366 web/satellite: update create bucket modal
  • f61230a satellite/console/dbcleanup: create console DB cleanup chore
  • e3573f4 web/satellite: update project member invite modal
  • 432b12d satellite/satellitedb: make value_attributions.partner_id nullable
  • fb1a0cc web/satellite: redesign and allow enter passphrase skip
  • e8e6dd0 web/satellite: remove project member modal
  • 36e0463 satellite/repair/checker: remove segments loop parts
  • 9c75316 satellite/console/dbcleanup: make chore clean up project invites
  • cf5d2d7 satellite/payments/stripe/service.go: fix payment for multiple invoices
  • 5145be1 satellite/console: proper constraint error check for duplicate project members
  • fa16d94 satellite/satellitedb: add index on owner_id column for projects table
  • 87d0789 satellite/payments/stripe: avoid full table scan while listing records
  • 393d099 satellite/satellitedb: paginating on ordered invoice
  • b4f0e9d satellite/overlay: use UploadSelectionCache for GetNodesNetworkInOrder
  • 2f99b7e satellite/repair: don't mark clumped segments as irreparable


  • 80b3edf storagenode/piecestore: respect maximum chunk size requests
  • e0542c2 storagenode: run garbage collection filewalker as a low I/O subprocess
  • 569c639 web/storagenode: hide payout rates when no specific satellite is selected
  • 8b82dba storagenode/blobstore/filestore: add tracking of blobs
  • ec8bfe6 storagenode/pieces: capture logger time Key in zapwrapper
  • 291e639 storagenode/pieces/lazyfilewalker: add execwrapper package
  • 5977357 web/storagenode: hide payout rates for historical payout data
  • 56dbe77 cmd/storagenode: use the right subcommand for restarting windows services
  • cf7ce81 cmd/storagenode: refactor lazyfilewalker commands to satisfy the execwrapper.Command interface
  • 018b6ee storagenode: add tests for lazyfilewalker
  • 1003d82 storagenode/blobstore/filestore: add debug log to WalkNamespace when dir does not exist
  • d80d674 web/storagenode: get current month earnings from estimated payout
  • c64f3f3 {storagenode/console,web/storagenode}: fetch pricing model from storagenode API


  • 242a3b7 Revert "cmd/uplink: use new upload code path"

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