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7 years ago
  • Added mappable events for toggling TV color/BW, left difficulty A/B and right difficulty A/B. This means that one key, joystick button, etc. can be used to toggle each event. Thanks to Buzbard of AtariAge for the suggestion.
  • Added ability to edit values in more widgets in the debugger. For now, this applies mainly to the various decimal and binary fields. More widgets will be made editable in future releases.
  • The TIA now emulates the jitter that occurs when scanline counts are not consistent frame-over-frame. Also, the DPC+ scheme now emulates jitter that can occur when using its Fractional Datafetchers if the DFxFRACINC registers are not re-initialized every frame. Special thanks to SpiceWare for this implementation.
  • Tweaked 'MDM' scheme autodetection to detect that the identification string can be in either bank 0 or bank 1.
  • Changed 'hidecursor' commandline argument (and associated UI item) to 'cursor'. The new argument allows to set mouse cursor visibility separately for both UI and emulation modes.
  • Fixed snapshot bug most noticeable in MacOSX, where taking a snapshot of a TIA image sometimes left parts of the UI onscreen (and in the resulting picture).
  • Fixed memory leak; the game console wasn't being closed after exiting a ROM.
  • For the Windows port: added an application icon for Stella in the Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" list.
  • For the OSX port: Updated build scripts to be compatible with Xcode 7.
  • Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.

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