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7 years ago
  • Greatly extended functionality of the debugger disassembly:
    • There is now a new tab which lists information specific to the cartridge bankswitching scheme in use. This includes the ability to modify internal state even for esoteric ROMs which don't follow the standard layout of 4K per bank.
    • The debugger now generates DASM-compatible disassembled code, which can be saved to an external file. This disassembly is based on both a static and runtime analysis, and is extremely accurate. It also automatically differentiates between CODE/PGFX/GFX/DATA/ROW areas, whereas normal Distella only differentiates between CODE/GFX/ROW. For now, only single-bank (4K and smaller) ROMs are supported; support for multi-bank ROMs will come in a future release.
    • The disassembly now recognizes various TIA/RIOT read/write mirrors, and marks them as such (for example, INPT4|$30 instead of INPT4 for address $3C). Special thanks to Omegamatrix for sample code and idea for this feature.
    • ROMS less than 2K in size (so called 'Sub2K' ROMs) now show only the actual data in the binary. This means, for example, that a 256 byte ROM will show only 256 bytes in the disassembly, instead of padding duplicated data to 2K boundary.
    • Fixed bug when entering patched bytes; the current number base wasn't being used.
    • Fixed labelling in ROW directives; it wasn't accurately setting a label in the case where it occurred in the middle of the data.
    • Added a new dialog for changing Distella settings, located by right-clicking the disassembly code.
    • The commandline option 'dis.resolvedata' has been renamed to 'dis.resolve', with new usage (see manual for further details).
  • Fixed regression in handling ZIP files (as compared to version 3.7.5) created with newer versions of the ZIP program. Related to this, added better error messages for invalid/missing/unreadable ROM files.
  • Added 'snapname' commandline argument and associated UI item, for specifying whether snapshots should be saved using either the internal ROM database name or the actual ROM filename. This feature was present in older releases of Stella, and due to popular demand it's now back again. Related to this, added a new dialog specifically for the numerous snapshot-related items.
  • Fixed bug in Linux/OSX versions when starting Stella for the first time; it was previously creating mislabeled directories to store settings, snapshots, etc.
  • Fixed redundant "New console created" message when entering the same ROM multiple times from the ROM launcher.
  • Updated profile database for "BasketBall" ROMs; the joysticks are now swapped by default, which allows one and two-player games to work correctly.
  • SuperCharger/AR ROMs now ignore the 'ramrandom' setting, and start with RAM containing all zeroes. This seems to fix issues with Dragonstomper always starting in exactly the same state.
  • Fixed issue when debugging CompuMate ROMs; keystrokes entered while debugging would be interpreted as typing on the CompuMate keyboard.
  • Changed colour of the 'current PC indicator' in the debugger to match the one used for line selection. This makes it easier to see for those with problems seeing lighter colours.
  • Improved functionality of the various pop-up dialogs and context menus in the UI; they can now be navigated more fully by the keyboard and mouse.
  • Updated internal ROM properties database to ROM-Hunter version 9 (thanks go to RomHunter for his tireless research in this area). Related to this, updated the snapshot collection.
  • Updated included PNG and ZLIB libraries to latest stable version.

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