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7 years ago
  • Re-enabled 'grabmouse' commandline argument and associated functionality with the following changes:
    • it is changed in the "Input Settings' UI, not in 'Video Settings'
    • it only has meaning while in emulation mode
    • it is enabled by default
  • Fixed bug with emulation of paddles using the mouse most evident in Warlords; movement was being filtered out if the mouse was moved too fast. There's still more work required in this area, however.
  • Fixed bug with analog axes on gamepad devices, whereby jittering in these axes would override input from digital axis, hat or keyboard input.
  • Fixed bug when switching to the debugger and back again would sometimes cause an extra mouse motion event (which would cause the emulation to think the mouse was moved and move the player accordingly).
  • Tweaked bankswitch autodetection code for 4A50 bankswitching; several more test ROMs are automatically detected.
  • The 'saverom' debugger command now saves ROMs in your home directory by default if you don't specify a valid path. This fixes a bug whereby ROMs were saved in strange locations and couldn't later be found.
  • Fixed bug in automatically executing the debugger 'autoexec.stella' file; any commands it contained weren't actually being executed.
  • Zero-byte ROMs are no longer loaded and mis-detected as Supercharger images.

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