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7 years ago
  • NOTE: because of the many event-related changes in this release, all event mapping should be reset to defaults after starting Stella for the first time. As well, because of other internal changes, older save-state files are no longer valid.
  • Many improvements to joystick handling code, particularly for analog axes. Navigating the UI should be much smoother now, and remapping events to analog axes should be less 'twitchy'.
  • Added ability to assign and remap 'combo' events in emulation mode. Combo events are basically a sequence of normal events (up to 8) that are generated from a single event (ie, one button on a joystick could generate up to 8 events). Updated Input Settings UI to access and modify these events.
  • Default mappings are now available in UI and emulation mode for the first 'hat' detected on a joystick/gamepad. Related to this, a hat now works exactly like an axis in UI mode (holding down a direction continues that direction until the hat is released/centered).
  • Several major improvements to the debugger:
    • the disassembler can now process multiple entry points, and caches entry points as they're encountered (ie, the disassembly isn't 'reset' each time a bank change occurs or you exit and re-enter the debugger)
    • preliminary support for disassembling from zero-page RAM
    • re-added ability to change banks with the 'bank' debugger prompt command and within the ROM disassembly UI
    • user labels in disassembly are now supported again
    • 'runto' command is now case-insensitive, and shows a progressbar while searching through the disassembly
    • the debugger window can be resized between ROM loads (previously, the app had to be restarted)
    • fixed bug in Distella disassembler output, where it sometimes generated addresses above $FFFF
    • a vertical line separates the disassembly from the raw bytes
  • Fixed behaviour of SWCHB and SWBCNT; pins set to output now remember the values previously written. Some ROMs use this functionality for extra storage. Special thanks to Omegamatrix of AtariAge for advice and test ROMs in this area.
  • Fixed bug when reading from illegal TIA addresses; a Space Invaders hack was showing pink enemies instead of white ones. Again, special thanks to to Omegamatrix of AtariAge for advice and test ROMs in this area.
  • Fixed bug in handling INPT4/INPT5 latches from VBLANK; a least one ROM was working in Stella when it didn't on real hardware.
  • Added 'ramrandom' commandline argument, which is used to randomize all RAM in the system; otherwise, the RAM is zeroed.
  • Added 'finishing touches' to some of the UI descriptions, giving a better explanation of the functions. Related to this, certain options now show a message box explaining the option in further detail (particularly the ROM Audit mode). As well, when starting Stella for the first time, a prompt appears to select a ROM directory.
  • Fixed bugs in the ROM launcher when viewing certain PNG images not created by Stella. Related to this, the official PNG library is now included in the Stella codebase (version 1.4.3). Also added composite snapshots for those ROMs which consist of several games. Thanks go to Buzbard of AtariAge for these images.
  • Added several fixes for crashes on 'small' systems (those systems where the maximum resolution is less than 640x480).
  • Tweaked bankswitch autodetection for 0840, DPC+, E7 and UA schemes.
  • Improved F8 bankswitch autodetection for Yars Revenge in 8in1 ROM.
  • Updated DPC+ bankswitch scheme to latest specifications.
  • Snapshots taken in continuous snapshot mode are now timestamped, so older files are never overwritten.
  • Fixed a TIA segfault that could occur with certain ROMs.
  • The 'center' application window functionality can now be changed without having to restart the application. Related to this, mouse positioning bugs when using the Linux version in OpenGL mode with SDL 1.2.14 have been fixed.
  • Reworked the manual, dividing it into 'Getting Started' and 'Advanced Configuration' sections. It still contains the same info as before, but hopefully in a better organized way.
  • Updated Help dialog; it was showing incorrect info for some OSX shortcuts.
  • Updated OSX build script to not crash when a previous build is detected, and to properly handle filenames with spaces.
  • Updated included ZLib to latest release version (1.2.5).

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