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7 years ago
  • Added CRT simulation effects as described in the AtariAge posting 'CRT emulation for Stella'. For now, this requires OpenGL 2.0 or greater with support for GLSL (GL Shading Language). This code will be expanded on and optimized in future releases.
  • Adding editing of extended RAM in the debugger RAM UI. The RAM 'spreadsheet' now shows the entire address space of RAM in the system, in 128 byte increments. The first bank shown is zero-page, with the others following in consecutive order. The UI takes care of read vs. write port differences, so you don't have to worry about the offsets. For now, all SuperChip based ROMs (EFSC, F4SC, F6SC, F8SC) as well as 3E, CV, E7 and FASC are supported.
  • All ROMs which include SC extended RAM will now have memory erased if you attempt to read from the write port. Related to this, entering/exiting the debugger will no longer erase the extended RAM.
  • Patching of ROM for bankswitch types 0840, SB, UA and X07 is now implemented, but hasn't been extensively tested.
  • Visual improvements to the CPU register UI in the debugger; the SP/A/X/Y registers now have separate decimal and binary views.
  • Tweaked paddle control so that all positions are reachable in game 4 of Activision Casino in both NTSC and PAL versions.
  • SuperCharger/AR ROMs now start with a random value in the CPU accumulator. This should fix issues with Dragonstomper always starting in exactly the same state.
  • Auto-detection for '3F' bankswitching improved; several ROMs previously detected as 'F8' now work correctly.
  • Updated internal ROM properties database to ROM-Hunter version 5 (thanks go to RomHunter for his tireless research in this area).
  • Added '-exitlauncher' commandline argument and associated UI item, to specify what happens when you exit a ROM. Normally, exiting a ROM brings up the ROM launcher, but this can be disabled for those using an external frontend (in which case exiting a ROM also exits from Stella).
  • Re-added '-fastscbios' commandline argument, and added an associated UI item. When enabled, the SuperCharger load bars are now completely removed (and not just sped up as in previous releases).
  • The '-listrominfo' commandline argument now shows all ROM information built in to the internal database, taking into account any information in 'personal' files.

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