github stella-emu/stella release-2.7.6

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7 years ago
  • Added support for 'EF' bankswitching (Paul Slocum Homestar Runner), as well as auto-detection of this format.
  • Added support for 'EFSC' bankswitching, as well as auto-detection of this format. This is similar to the 'EF' scheme, but also includes 128 bytes SuperChip RAM.
  • Added autodetection for '0840' and 'SB' bankswitching formats.
  • Improved autodetection for 'UA' bankswitching format.
  • Fixed bug in selecting video modes larger than the current screen; the resulting video mode will now be the largest one available (previously it selected the smallest one available).
  • The currently selected CPU register now displays its value in decimal and binary (in addition to hex) in the debugger.

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