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Stella 6.3 released

latest releases: 6.7.1, 6.7, 6.6...
3 years ago

Time for a new release of Stella. Changelog as follows:

  • Added adjustable autofire.

  • Added 'Dark' UI theme.

  • Extended global hotkeys for debug options.

  • Added option to playback a game using the Time Machine.

  • Allow taking snapshots from within the Time Machine dialog.

  • Added the ability to access most files that Stella uses from within a ZIP file. This includes the following:

    • Per-ROM properties file (so one can distribute a ROM and its associated properties).
    • Debugger symbol (.sym) and list (.lst) files, etc.
    • Several others, as we extend the support.
      Basically, you are now able to put many files that Stella uses inside one ZIP file, and distribute just that file.
  • Extended AtariVox support to handle flow control, so that long phrases are no longer corrupted/cut off. This includes properly supporting the 2600-daptor II, which is flashable to an AVox-USB converter.

  • Added auto-detection of the serial port used for an AtariVox-USB adaptor.

  • Added QuadTari controller support.

  • Added option to select the audio device.

  • Added support for CDFJ+ bankswitching type.

  • Further enhanced UA bankswitching to support more Brazilian carts.

  • Added option to display detected settings info when a ROM is loaded.

  • Added another oddball TIA glitch option for delayed background color.

  • Added option to disable aspect ratio correct scaling.

  • Added debugger pseudo-registers '_timwrapread' and '_timwrapwrite', which are set when the RIOT timer is read/written on timer wraparound, respectively.

  • Bankswitching schemes BUS, DPC+ and CDFx now work when startup bank randomization is enabled (these schemes now ignore that setting).

  • Replaced "Re-disassemble" with "Disassemble @ current line" in debugger.

  • Fixed bug when taking fullscreen snapshots; the dimensions were sometimes cut off.

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