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Stella 6.2 released

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3 years ago

Time for a new release. Changes as follows:

  • Added interactive palette to Video & Audio settings.

  • Added 'Custom' palette, generated from user controlled phase shifts.

  • Added that adjustable audio & video settings are displayed as gauge bars.

  • Added four global hotkeys which allow selecting and changing numerous audio & video settings without having to remember the dedicated hotkeys.

  • Added 'Turbo' mode, runs the game as fast as the computer allows.

  • Added that paddle centering (per ROM) and sensitivity can be adjusted.

  • Added that mouse sensitivity for Driving controller can be adjusted.

  • Added paddle filtering in UI to avoid unwanted navigation events.

  • Added selectable dialog fonts.

  • Added separate positioning of launcher, emulator and debugger.

  • Added optional display to game refresh rate adaption in fullscreen mode.

  • Added option which lets default ROM path follow launcher navigation.

  • Added debugger 'saveaccess' function, which saves memory access counts to a CSV file.

  • Added displaying last write address in the debugger.

  • Added debugger pseudo-register '_scanend', which gives the number of scanlines at the end of the last frame.

  • Added detection of color and audio data in DiStella.

  • Restored 'cfg' directory for Distella config files.

  • Added TV Boy and 3EX bank switching types.

  • Removed unused CV+ and DASH bank switching types.

  • Added support for loading grayscale PNG images in the ROM launcher.

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