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One last hurrah

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pre-release7 years ago

So this is the final release before 5.0; one last chance to report some bugs:

  • Updates to the latest version of the BUS/CDF schemes
  • Cleanup of entire UI wrt colons; they have been removed in most places
  • Fixes for AArch64 and ppc64le architectures
  • Dialog boxes now open in 'small-window' modes, instead of simply failing to open and looking like the program has crashed
  • Moved to gcc5, Visual Studio 2017, and Xcode 8 for Linux, Windows, Mac, respectively
  • Fixed major bug in ROM Audit mode
  • Reimplemented TV jitter effect and PAL colour-loss effect
  • Some performance tuning in the TIA DelayQueue implementation
  • WSYNC is now properly implemented
  • Added scanline count for last frame to debugger, and fixed TIA display showing 2 frames in the past (instead of 1)
  • Implemented new phosphor mode by Thomas Jentzsch; currently this breaks phosphor mode with Blargg filtering (this will be fixed before the final release)

This last pre-release is to test new functionality, and to make sure we've taken care of all other bugs. In particular, the new phosphor mode is quite different from the old implementation, and should be properly tested. Feedback on this is welcome.

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