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Emulation Parity part 2

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pre-release7 years ago

Work continues on parity with Stella 4.x, and also fixing new bugs and making improvements:

  • Some changes to RIOT timer handling; this breaks at least Acid Drop and Panda Chase, but we want to know what others are broken
  • PNG and zlib libs are the latest available, and now must be paired together when compiling into the app (fixes issues in OSX)
  • Updated ystart for Coke Zero demo and Swoops, as well as removed many ystart properties from the internal database (auto-detection is used instead)
  • Fixed TIA bug in Midnight Magic
  • RESMx is now much more accurate
  • Further improvements to writes to NUSIZx during draw
  • Tracing by scanline in the debugger now works properly, and displays a greyed-out image when appropriate
  • Minor RSYNC fixes
  • Introduced new trakball classes and names, and reduced the resolution of the CX22 Trakball by half
  • Fixed Maze Craze ystart auto-detection
  • Init SP to correct value based on M6502 research by third parties
  • Updated ROM properties to RomHunter v12

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