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Emulation Parity

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pre-release7 years ago

Starting with this release, emulation quality should be as good or better as the old core in all situations. The following changes are included:

  • RESBL during hblank now behaves correctly -> fixes Keystone Kapers
  • Several consecutive write cycles to WSYNC now behave similar to the old core (which is still not fully correct)
  • Tweaked effective description of width modulation effects in startfield effect -> fixes Spike's Peak
  • Fix RESMPx for 32 pixel players -> fixes Snoopy and the red baron
  • Adjustments to RESMx and NUSIZx during draw counter decode to better match real hardware
  • While autodetection of frame start should now work in all cases, ystart (together with frame height) are now supported and can be used to override autodetect
  • Reliability of TV mode autodetect is improved, manually overriding the detected mode is now supported
  • Timing for large frames, invalid or missing sync is improved. Among other things, thigs fixes PCM (speech) in Quadrun and the hectobyte demo
  • YStart values in the ROM database have been removed or adjusted to match the new core
  • RSYNC is now implemented and matches real hardware more closely than the old core

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