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pre-release6 years ago

This last release took a little longer than expected, but quite a few changes happened in the meantime:

  • Major improvements to the Xcode project file, and fixes to ROMs launching from Finder in version 10.9
  • Debugger lst and sym files now follow ROM filename, not properties file name
  • Fixes to ystart autodetection (the frame no longer jumps when finding the starting scanline)
  • Fixes to RSYNC behaviour in debugger
  • TV jittering won't take effect for differences of less than 3 scanlines, and for more than 3 frames (fixes Tapper, Yahtzee and several other ROMs)
  • Fixed scanline counter and issues with its position after CPU RDY has been set
  • TIA debug colours can now be set by the user (for now, the colours are pre-selected, and you can only change which object uses which colour; this may be expanded on in future releases)
  • System labels (aka, register names) can now be upper or lowercase in the debugger command prompt
  • Blargg TV effects and phosphor mode can now be used at the same time
  • Several performance optimizations in the Blargg/phosphor code, leading to measurable speedups.

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