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pre-release7 years ago

This is the initial preview release of the 6502.ts TIA core ported to Stella. Please check out the readme for instruction on how to switch cores.

Please check the issue tracker for a list of all currently know issues and for reporting new ones. In particular, the following things are known to be broken:

  • Several Stella features like PAL color loss are currently not implemented in the 6502.ts core
  • State saving is broken; don't try it, otherwise the emulation will lock up
  • The debugger is functional for both cores, except for the TIA stuff
  • The keyboard controller is currently broken with the 6502.ts core, as are other ROMS that use registers related to paddles (CompuMate, etc)
  • The 6502.ts core currently exhibits minor horizontal positioning glitches in some ROMs

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