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This is "just" an extension for StaxRip v2.37.0. If you have already downloaded or running v2.37.x, you just need to download and replace the (extracted) StaxRip.exe file.


v2.37.4 (2024-03-28)

  • UI: Trigger event "While Processing" more often, but also time limited
  • UI: Make timeout for error messages on job processing optional
  • UI: Convert tabs to spaces on Processing window for better looking output (#1243)
  • UI: Fix not asking for Project saving when dropping file under some circumstances
  • UI: Make Output Mod warning ignorable (#1285)

v2.37.3 (2024-03-23)

  • UI: Fix tonemapping for HDR videos for Crop window not working under some circumstances
  • UI: Set Process Priority from "Idle" to "Below Normal"
  • NVEncC: Fix wrong parameter settings for "--vpp-nvvfx-denoise" and "--vpp-nvvfx-artifact-reduction" (#1283)

v2.37.2 (2024-03-22)

  • UI: Extend Crop window with Time information (#1274)
  • UI: Update and extend Show Changelog
  • UI: Update and adjust Updater

v2.37.1 (2024-03-18)

  • UI: Fix crash on AutoCrop selection in Options on Templates (#1276)

v2.37.0 (2024-03-17)

  • UI: Enhance Auto Crop for Dolby Vision sources
  • UI: Improve handling with Dolby Vision videos and manual cropping
  • UI: Re-read modified Dolby Vision metadata automatically on window focus
  • UI: Improve Dolby Vision metadata handling
  • UI: Enhance "Frame Mismatch" error message
  • UI: Let "Frame Mismatch" ignore cutted "Copy/Mux" runs (#1234)
  • UI: Write "Media Info Source File" only if it has changed (#1221)
  • UI: Take given HDR10+/DolbyVision metadata into account when calculate target size/bitrate (#1254)
  • UI: Fix rounding issue with number edits when using mouse wheel (#1253)
  • UI: Fix rare crash on Audio and Muxer window opening
  • FFmpeg: Add "-hwaccel cuda" to command line when NVIDIA decoder is selected (#1260)
  • NVEncC: Rearrange some parameters (#1240)
  • NVEncC: Enable Dolby Vision only when H265 is selected (#1261)
  • NVEncC: Add "--vpp-nvvfx-artifact-reduction" parameter (#1240)
  • NVEncC: Add "--vpp-nvvfx-denoise" parameter (#1240)
  • NVEncC: Fix "--vpp-resize" parameter setting for "nvvfx-superres"
  • QSVEncC: Enable Dolby Vision only when H265 is selected
  • SvtAv1EncApp: Fix Passes could also affect Quality mode (#1267)
  • VCEEncC: Add "--vpp-denoise-dct" parameter
  • VCEEncC: Fix problem with missing space before parameter call
  • VCEEncC: Remove Dolby Vision support
  • x265: Add "--auto-aq" parameter (#1241)
  • Update tools
    • DeeZy v0.1.8
    • eac3to v3.50
    • MKVToolNix v83.0
    • MP4Box v2.3-DEV-rev975-ge50da0656-x64-msvc1937
    • NVEncC v7.46
    • Python v3.12.2
    • QSVEncC v7.62
    • rav1e v0.7.0-(p20240312)-x64-gcc13.2.0
    • Subtitle Edit v4.0.4
    • SvtAv1EncApp v2.0.0-1+3-58b1b010-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-msvc1937
    • VapourSynth R66
    • VCEEncC v8.22
    • vvencFFapp v1.11.1
    • x264 v0.164.3186+8-53164ba-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-gcc13.2.0
    • x265 v3.5+156+14-df2e4c31e-.Mod-by-Patman.-x64-avx2-msvc1937
  • Update AviSynth+ plugins
    • eedi3_resize16 v3.3.16
    • JPSDR v3.3.5 (W7 AVX2)
    • TIVTC v1.0.29
  • Update Dual plugins
    • ffms2 v5.0 RC3
    • L-SMASH-Works v1183 [20240317]
  • Update VapourSynth plugins
    • HQDN3D v1.00 mod

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