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Release Notes

v0.9.0 - 2021-09-06

✨ New Features

  • Support setting a fixed funscript offset/delay. (#1573)
  • Added sort by options for image and gallery count for performers. (#1671)
  • Added sort by options for date, duration and rating for movies. (#1663)
  • Allow saving query page zoom level in saved and default filters. (#1636)
  • Support custom page sizes in the query page size dropdown. (#1636)
  • Added between/not between modifiers for number criteria. (#1559)
  • Support excluding tag patterns when scraping. (#1617)
  • Support setting a custom directory for default performer images. (#1489)
  • Added filtering and sorting on scene marker count for tags. (#1603)
  • Support excluding fields and editing tags when saving from scene tagger view. (#1605)
  • Added not equals/greater than/less than modifiers for resolution criteria. (#1568)

🎨 Improvements

  • Added support for loading TLS/SSL configuration files from the configuration directory. (#1678)
  • Added total scenes duration to Stats page. (#1626)
  • Move Play Selected Scenes, and Add/Remove Gallery Image buttons to button toolbar. (#1673)
  • Added image and gallery counts to tag list view. (#1672)
  • Prompt when leaving gallery and image edit pages with unsaved changes. (#1654, #1669)
  • Show largest duplicates first in scene duplicate checker. (#1639)
  • Added checkboxes to scene list view. (#1642)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for scene queue navigation. (#1635)
  • Made performer scrape menu scrollable. (#1634)
  • Improve Studio UI. (#1629)
  • Improve link styling and ensure links open in a new tab. (#1622)
  • Added zh-CN language option. (#1620)
  • Moved scraping settings into the Scraping settings page. (#1548)
  • Show current scene details in tagger view. (#1605)
  • Removed stripes and added background colour to default performer images (old images can be downloaded from the PR link). (#1609)
  • Added pt-BR language option. (#1587)
  • Added de-DE language option. (#1578)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix SQL error when filtering for Performers missing stash IDs. (#1681)
  • Fix Play Selected scene UI error when one scene is selected. (#1674)
  • Fix race condition panic when reading and writing config concurrently. (#1645)
  • Fix performance issue on Studios page getting studio image count. (#1643)
  • Regenerate scene phash if overwrite flag is set. (#1633)
  • Create .stash directory in $HOME only if required. (#1623)
  • Include stash id when scraping performer from stash-box. (#1608)
  • Fix infinity framerate values causing resolver error. (#1607)
  • Fix unsetting performer gender not working correctly. (#1606)
  • Fix is missing date scene criterion causing invalid SQL. (#1577)
  • Fix rendering of carousel images on Apple devices. (#1562)
  • Show New and Delete buttons in mobile view. (#1539)

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