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Release Notes

v0.8.0 - 2021-07-02

✨ New Features

  • Added filter criteria for name, details and hash related fields. (#1505)
  • Added button to open scene in external player on handheld devices. (#679)
  • Added support for saved and default filters. (#1474)
  • Added merge tags functionality. (#1481)
  • Added support for triggering plugin tasks during operations. (#1452)
  • Support Studio filter including child studios. (#1397)
  • Added support for tag aliases. (#1412)
  • Support embedded Javascript plugins. (#1393)
  • Revamped job management: tasks can now be queued. (#1379)
  • Added Handy/Funscript support. (#1377)
  • Added Performers tab to Studio page. (#1405)
  • Added DLNA server. (#1364)

🎨 Improvements

  • Allow navigation to previous/next image in carousel by clicking left/right side of image. (#1516)
  • Include Host in input to plugins. (#1514)
  • Added internationalisation for all UI pages and added zh-TW language option. (#1471)
  • Add option to disable audio for generated previews. (#1454)
  • Prompt when leaving scene edit page with unsaved changes. (#1429)
  • Make multi-set mode buttons more obvious in multi-edit dialog. (#1435)
  • Filter modifiers and sort by options are now sorted alphabetically. (#1406)
  • Add CreatedAt and UpdatedAt (and FileModTime where applicable) to API objects. (#1421)
  • Add Studios Performer filter criterion. (#1405)
  • Add subtractDays post-process scraper action. (#1399)
  • Skip scanning directories if path matches image and video exclude patterns. (#1382)
  • Add button to remove studio stash ID. (#1378)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix scene query not being cached correctly when navigating using back. (#1533)
  • Fix query with multiple table joins causing invalid query SQL. (#1510)
  • Fix file move detection when case of filename is changed on case-insensitive file systems. (#1426)
  • Fix auto-tagger not tagging scenes with no whitespace in name. (#1488)
  • Fix click/drag to select scenes. (#1476)
  • Fix clearing Performer and Movie ratings not working. (#1429)
  • Fix scraper date parser failing when parsing time. (#1431)
  • Fix quotes in filter labels causing UI errors. (#1425)
  • Fix post-processing not running when scraping by performer fragment. (#1387)

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