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Release Notes

v0.7.0 - 2021-05-15

✨ New Features

  • #1277 Added stash-box performer tagger.
  • #1345 Auto-tagger now tags images and galleries.
  • #1308 Added rating field to performers and studios.
  • #1299 Support serving UI from specific directory location.
  • #1274 Added details, death date, hair color, and weight to Performers.
  • #1337 Added lbToKg post-process action for performer scrapers.
  • #1274 Added details to Studios.
  • #1158 Added perceptual dupe checker.
  • #1254 Add various count filter criteria and sort options.
  • #1266 Add URL filter criteria for scenes, galleries, movies, performers and studios.
  • #1264 Add HTTP endpoint for health checking at /healthz.
  • #1250 Add random sorting option for galleries, studios, movies and tags.
  • #1241 Support access to system without logging in via API key.
  • #1214 Added scene queue.

🎨 Improvements

  • #1316 Improve sprite generation performance when using network storage.
  • #1338 Remove duplicate values when scraping lists of elements.
  • #1324 Improved performance of the auto-tagger.
  • #1332 Clean generation artifacts after generating each scene.
  • #1332 Log message at startup when cleaning the tmp and downloads generated folders takes more than one second.
  • #1325 Sort movie scenes by scene number by default.
  • #1273 Support http request headers in scrapers.
  • #1294 Sort performers by gender in scene/image/gallery cards and details.
  • #1293 Add popover buttons for scenes/images/galleries on performer/studio/tag cards.
  • #1224 Add slideshow to image wall view.
  • #1279 Support API key via URL query parameter, and added API key to stream link in Scene File Info.
  • #1190 Revamped setup wizard and migration UI.
  • #1270 Scroll to top when changing page number.
  • #1261 Support today and yesterday for parseDate in scrapers.
  • #1247 Disable sounds on scene/marker wall previews by default.
  • #1227 Improve Movie UI.
  • #1236 Change performer text query to search by name and alias only.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • #1359 Fix image/gallery title not being set during scan.
  • #1340 Reverted video previews always playing on small devices.
  • #1357 Fix performer/studio being cleared when skipped in scene tagger.
  • #1324 Fixed error when auto-tagging for performers/studios/tags with regex characters in the name.
  • #1321 Fix scraped performer image not updating after clearing the current image when creating a new performer.
  • #1301 Fix error preventing adding a new library path when an existing library path is missing.
  • #1263 Fix whitespace in query string returning all objects.
  • #1275 Fix hang on Login page when not connected to internet.
  • #1249 Fix Clear Image button not updating image preview.
  • #1248 Fix processing some webp files.
  • #1237 Fix incorrect performer age calculation in UI.

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